Saturday, May 31, 2008

The calm before the storm...

Hello, dears. I know it's been a while since my last blog, but you know how it is. Busy, busy, busy. I can't make everyone happy at once, but I try. Anyways, I have alot to catch you up on. Let's get on with the gossip.

First things first. Dreamings. QUIT?! Puh-lease. We all knew she'd be back. I've seen she's posted multiple guest book entries on sup2006's homepage. Darling, you're what, 21 now? I think it's your time to let go of habbo, and other things... if you know what I mean. Speaking of quitting, let's see who's back. !xSimply.Blondex! has recently made her appearance, and along with it she's brought LOT's of drama. Looks like the queen bee is back, folks. So wanna-bees step back. Unless you want crushed, like, Milley. for instance. That piczo site of her was hilarious, I must say. Ever heard of Jenny Craig, dear? Well, mess with fire, you'll get burned.

Let's talk about the famous couples. A + E and S + C , oh wow it rhymes. Sorry had to point that out. Well, well, well. A + E lasted about 4 days, and broke up. I'm sorry, poor Emily. Alex is quite the player, and flirts alot. But wait, they got back together like the next day? Interesting.
S+C is still together, and still happy by the looks of it. Telling from their guestbook entries they leave eachother, awwww. How adorable. Let's see how long this lasts. Speaking of couples... Abby + Paul. WHAT are they now? They've broken up and gotten back together about 50 million times. Make up your minds please, dears. Jocelyn8 was seen with someone in Club Mammoth lately by the name of 'famous' wait, isn't this name familar? Don't worry though, its someone else completely, and its a guy named Ian. Rumor has it, they've been together since December 7th, 2007!

The city is at war.... between HeartNecklaces and Famous-, oh my. The two biggest bitches, this can't turn out to pretty. Weren't they already enemies before, though? Well, rumor has it they became friends for about a DAY and then were fighting again already. I'm not sure exactly what caused it all, but you can never be too sure with those two. Before you know it, there was new hate sites popping up. Its all calmed in the past few days, but theres always the calm before the big storm..

Let's talk about the big uproar about the habbo updates, oh my. No one seems to like them to much, and has been sending mass after mass complaining about them. Well, in my opinion, I LOVE THEM! You all need to just suck it up, you are the ones who complained about people massing, and now that you don't have it the same you complain even more. Don't be hypocrites.

You know you love me,
A.O.F&L. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who's leaving, and who's coming back...

Helllooooo, my dears! I'm in such a fabulous mood, I can do a happy dance right here, right now. *Blows kisses to you all* Okay, let's get with the program. What gossip do I have for you today...?

The famous- Steph is back! Yep, Steph has entered the building, folks. After her long time of not seeing her around, she has re-entered our fabulous drama filled habbo lands. Along side her, Abby. Looks like the dynamic duo is back at it again. What will it be this time?....

Speaking of entering the building, let's look at whos LEAVING it. DING DONG the witch is dead, the wicked witch! Dreamings. after countless years of playing habbo, has FIN-A-LLY quit habbo! We were all wondering when this time would come. But, of course you'd all just L-O-V-E to know why, right? June was absolutely OUTRAGED about Steven lying to her. About what, exactly? She denys that she is mad about Carina and Steven dating, but what else could it be. Looks like deja vu to me, folks. She has finally left the building, hoo-rah. The famous bitch ranting at people in mammoth all day, the shit-starter, the one who basically ran Club Mammoth, has finally left. Wait, hasn't this happend before? Could this just be another 'June quitting' but her really switching over to a new account? Or maybe she will just come back? I wouldn't be surprised, so let's not get too excited now. But if you see a particularly suspicious new bitch in mammoth... I think we'll know who it is.

Pencilgrip, sweetie pie. You really need to give up. Stop with the act. You say you hate A-listers and how they act, but you were once one of them. You once looked up to these 'A-listers' that you now degrade in every single one of your annoying masses. You say you wear designer clothes but you aren't a prep and you don't flaunt it. Um, excuse muah, but isn't massing saying you wear designer clothes kind of BRAGGING? I think so. Puh-lease, someone needs a reality check. Where has our famous Alpha -Cosmopolitan gone? She hasn't been on for days, maybe she quit again? Or maybe we just need a new alpha to run the A-listers... because someone isn't doing it to well.

Lisa-,x has been causing a little more drama then usual lately. Is she just trying to fit in, or is it for real? I don't know, but I'll be the first to find out. IDTAPTHATFLOOR and .:Romeo2:. are still dating. Hmmm, maybe this really isn't an act? Nmj1 denies being !!!!!Nicole!!!!!! but she just happens to talk to -.kristin.-, and is hated by all. Hmm interesting.

P.S. xxDuchessxx you really need to stop acting like you are Massie from the clique sweetie, you never will be. So stop trying.

P.P.S. I'm kind of in a rush today, so things may look a little off. since I'm trying to blog and get ready for a party later at the same time. I am an expert multi-tasker, but I must be going now!

your favorite person!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love and Lies..

Hello, Dears. I know its been a few days since I've last posted, but I'm back. Did you miss me? Of course you did. And I have alot to catch you all up on...

Spotted, !xSimply.Blondex! at the Rooftop Revenge the 20th of May. Interesting, looks like someone has came back for a little visit, or is she here to stay?....
Speaking of people being around, let's look who hasn't. Jocelyn8. Where has she been? I haven't seen her at her usual spot in Club Mammoth lately, causing fights. Maybe she has finally grown up, and got off habbo like SOME of us should. Look's like a leopord really CAN change their spots. Another missing person. Famous-. I haven't seen her around much at all, and she hasn't logged into habbo since the 16th. I really have no idea what is going on with her right now.

You all know the famous Nicole, and no, not Nicole scott, the other one. !!!!!!Nicole!!!!! Yes, her. The rumor starter, the fight starter, the annoying little brat that loves to stalk us all. Well, she's back, and at it again. Bwaby.Nwicole:: has been sending plently of masses about it. What will she do this time? Look's like we'll have to wait and see.

Oh my. There has been alot of rumored love triangles. Spotted in mammoth were Alex and Emily dressed the same, and whispering. Is this just a ploy to get attention? Or is it for real? Who know's with .:Romeo2:., he is always flirting with everyone, isn't he? I smell a player. They aren't the only ones... HeartNecklaces and Sup2006. I've seen them on multiple occasions in mammoth, whispering. They've been ovbiously trying to be secretive about it, but drop the act, it's ovbious. They've secretly dated before, who says they won't do it again? Especially with that fight between him and June... maybe this could be a ploy to piss her off? Who knows these days. But June didn't seem to happy about either of these. June was seen whispering to Alex and seeming really pissed about him 'dating' or whatever you want to call it with Emily. But Alex denies all. Don't worry J, you aren't the only pissed off one.. Emily. Seemed to be a little jealous about S and C. She was sending angry/sad masses about how she still loves him. Awww, how sweet. I've heard rumors about Amanda and Alex, also. Who the hell IS he with?! Someone clue me in, puh-lease. Alex, Emily, Amanda? Steven, June, Carina, or was it Emily? Of course, I'll figure it out. Because that's what im here for, my dears.

June has been kind of on bad terms with everyone lately. Awww, looks like poor J isn't left with many friends. The only person i've seen her hanging out with lately has been DinoMyke8 or whatever the hell his name is, he isn't much of importance of anyone because no one really knows him. J I suggest you start making some new friends, before everyone hates you, and you are left with no one. Let's talk about A. Abbysaurus,. She has been acting a little weird lately, and been out of the loop. What's up with her? That, I'm not sure of.

Well, that's all for now my dears. You know you love me, Gossip Girl. Just kidding. - An old friend ;)
P.S. Don't forget to check back on the comments if you write one, I do reply!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Love me or hate me...

Hello, miss me? I'm sure you did. Did you all have a nice weekend? Because I know I did. Anyways, let's get to the point. I have more dirt and drama to spill. I've been watching you, and so have my spies... and we didn't miss a thing.

If you haven't heard all ready.. looks like theres a little trouble in paradise. Sup2006 and Dreamings. got in a fight, because dreamings. pissed sup2006 off by saying he causes all the fights and drama. Oooh, really now? I thought that was Dreamings. job... But it looks like .:Romeo2:. decided to join her side. Apparently, he hasn't been too happy with sup2006 lately, either. He says that sup2006 isn't a good friend. Woah. Weren't they just friends? I'm not exactly sure what triggered this all, but it looks like .:Romeo2:. and Dreamings. are going to be the BEST of friends... let's see how long this lasts.

Of course, I was right. I knew I'd be writing about these two, sooner or later. Always standing on the sidelines of the Club Mammoth drama, watching it all. !-Grr-! and Bobdolecult,. Lovers? I think so. I don't want to be quick to judge, but I've heard alot of stuff about bobdolecult, and let's just say... it wasn't exactly GOOD stuff. I can say the same about !-Grr-!. But haven't we all heard bad stuff about eachother? Alls I can say... is good luck. Because Bobdolecult, use to date a certain Jocelyn8, and that didn't last too long. Speaking of girls bobdolecult, has been with... .beach.honey. I've heard rumors about them two, also. Sounds like SOMEONE is a potential player.

Hmm, so are the rumors true or not? Is !xSimply.Blondex! the famous 'Nicole Scott' REALLY coming back to habbo? Well... she was last spotted Thursday the 15th. So I'm guessing yes. But with her... you never know. Speaking of the A-listers... let's talk about the wanna-bes. BEBE,payton. says she HATES .xLipGl0ssx. For what reason? I do not know. One thing sweetie, be careful who you tell these things. They might slip.. to the wrong person. -Cosmopolitan. Isn't she sopost to be the new 'Queen Bee?' Well, she hasn't been acting like it lately. Step it up, dear. You don't want those other wanna-bes getting out of line.

Looks like we've got a criminal on our hands... HeartNecklaces. Massing about court dates? Tsk, tsk. Now, why would she be talking about court? Looks like someone has been getting in to trouble.... I'm not surprised, with all of her talk of drugs. I've come to the conclusion.. that I think xoparis, sup2006, heartnecklaces, jocelyn8, .:romeo2:., and possibly others, are all on drugs. Maybe you guys should consider rehab... you don't want to end up like Amy Winehouse, now do you?

Your one and only.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh, the webs we weave...

Hello, fans and haters. Looks like my blog has already made quite the impression. Keep playing your guessing games, have your secret rendezvous, or whatever else you may have planned. I only have one thing to say to you about that, good luck. Trust me, you will need it. My identity won't be coming out any time soon... so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Spotted: Club Mammoth. xoParis, .:Romeo2:., HeartNecklaces, Dreamings., Abbysaurus, Sup2006, and IDTAPTHATFLOOR. Trying to figure out who I am... keep guessing. You won't be finding out anyime soon. Oh, and one thing. Don't give out passwords to secret meeting rooms on say, darling. People around may here. ;) And you may never know who may just end up with that information... namely, me. Is it just me... or do dreamings. and sup2006 whisper a little TOO much? Maybe they are hiding something. Speaking of whispering... those weren't the only two caught whispering behind closed doors. Tsk, tsk. You know, Club Mammoth is full of people willing to spill the dirt.

What's this...? .:Romeo2:., IDTAPTHATFLOOR, Heartnecklaces, Negatweak, Sup2006, and others were seen in mammoth calling 'ZooYork.' rooster boy. This pissed .:Romeo2:. off, causing him to tell HeartNecklaces to shutup, which caused a conflict. Her and IDTAPTHATFLOOR began whispering. But what do you know, two minutes later her and .:Romeo2:. were whispering again all buddy-buddy. They weren't the only ones... Sup2006 and Dreamings. spotted, whispering once again. What ARE they whispering about, I wonder? Near by.. !-Grr-! and Bobdolecult, stood watching it all go down. I've heard things about these two, and let's just say it wasn't so great. I have a feeling I may be talking about you two soon...

'57 forever' they call themselves. Real, ligit, hackers. They are out and about and out to get some of you... looks like I'm not the only one that hates you. I was snooping around one of their rooms.. and found a list of names on a stickie. 'Mascarade., ClassyCouture, Pencilgrip, and Raneyyy. If you are any of these people, I'd watch your back... because someone's out to get you, and don't worry, they aren't the only ones. ;)

Spies.. seems to be the favorite word lately from 'IDTAPTHATFLOOR'. Spies is right, dearest. I have them, everywhere. Watching you. Club Mammoth, Dragon's Lair [ hint-hint], and pretty much everywhere you would possibly be. Sound a little scary..? Good. You should be scared. Because I have enough information on alot of you to ruin you before you can say 'I didn't do it.'

I think that's enough for now, I'll be seeing you all again soon. Don't miss me too much. Oh, and just in case you didn't catch it the first time. I'm an old friend, I've been around longer then you think I have. I never left, some of you think I did. You should really watch who you trust, and who you give your room passwords too, *wink, wink*.

An old friend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get ready, 'cause here I come..

Hello, Dears. I've been observing you from afar, watching your every move. Watching the drama you cause, watching you strut through the habbo rooms like you are all that. The people that like to call themselves, 'The A-listers'. I've watched you at your highest highs, and your lowest lows. From secret romances, back-stabbings, lies, and more. I know stuff about you that others would be shocked to figure out. Who am I? Wouldn't you just love the answer to that. I'm an old friend of yours, and we are about to be re-aquainted.

I just couldn't bare to watch it anymore. I had to say something. I'm sick of keeping to myself, and I'm about to let you all know how I feel. Habbo was a peaceful place without you people around, attacking people with your insults and acting like you own the place. I've been waiting for someone to come along and kick you off that pedistol you are on, but looks like no one really has the guts to stand up to you. That's where I come in. Everything thats unsaid, only behind closed doors, is about to come out. Because I know everything, and I'm your number one source.

I would hate to start naming names so quickly, but for a start..... Cutebaby18. WHO the hell do you think you are? You are constantly in Club Mammoth arguing with someone, and making them feel bad about themselves. Do you have a life, better yet, do YOU have any room to talk? Ah, yes. I think we've saw some sites of you popping up here and there.. and you wonder why? You need a reality check. You are a 21 year old on a computer game for teens making little ones feel bad about themselves. Shouldn't you be out partying, or have a boyfriend? Sorry, I guess I need to be more specific for the slower people. A REAL boyfriend, not a pixel one.

Let's take it up a notch. 'The A-listers'. Definition: Artificial, fake, no-lifed, ugly, alter-ego, little girls. If you were truely so glamorous, why are you on a pixelated game where you have to carry around your pixelated designer bags and put down people who don't play this game 24/7 to make yourselves feel better? Let's name a few. For a start, Mascarade. Hasn't this girl had like 50 different names? She is about as fake as the pixels on this screen. She changes her personality about once a week. I think someone needs some REAL non-pixelated friends, or better yet, a pyschatrist? Moving down the food chain, Oldschooldancin. Turns out she faked her pictures.. not a surprise. Doesn't about 99.9% of all 'A-Listers' fake atleast SOMETHING? The people who look up to these girls are looking up to nothing but fake, pixelated, alter-egos. I am starting to feel a little sick just talking about them, so lets shorten this up. Some of the other fakes, 'Candy.swirlx!' whatever the hell her name is, 'KRlSTY', and her multipule other accounts, ect. This little group of fakes has just been going down-hill ever since their queen-bee '!xSimply.Blondex!' lost her crown. Maybe you all should finally consider a life, AWAY from the computer screen?

Let's take it to Club Mammoth. Oh boy, is there alot of drama here. As I mentioned above, dreamings./cutebaby18. The main circle of people who think they run the place: Dreamings., + her comrads, HeartNecklaces + her followers consisting of annoying noobs who do nothing but yell 'LOL' all the time, .:Romeo2:., Abbysaurus, + her annoying list of friends, xoparis, Jocelyn8, Classycouture [also one of the fake A-lister wanna-bes mentioned above], IDTAPTHATFLOOR, sup2006 ect. plus any other losers who go there for fun to cause drama.

Well my dears, you have just got a little taste of what is to come for the rest of the summer. You think this is all? Puh-lease, you don't know who you are dealing with. Just think before you question me, I know secrets about every single one of you I mentioned that you would hate for the habbo-world to know. So don't tempt me, or I may spill a secret or two. ;) I'm sure I'll be bombarded with hate-mail, fans, fakes, and 'WHO THE HELL ARE YOU' questions, in no time. But I'm ready, so bring it on.

I'm watching you!!